Marcos López © 2018 Rolf Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marcos López © 2018 Rolf Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

In-Continente - Marcos López

21/03/2018 - 31/05/2018

Esmeralda 1353 
C1007ABS Buenos Aires   

ROLF ART presents the individual exhibition of Marcos López, titled “In-Continente”.
In-Continente proposes an archeology of the artist and his work. Making reference to his mythical phrase: “more is more”, and ofering a re visit to his iconic piece Suite Bolivariana, alongside a sort of baroque cramming, gathering together from his early works in black and white, to his renowned color photographs, collages, drawings and notebooks, López gives an account of his so characteristic Latin pop - concept that he himself has established, regarding Pop Art - emphasizing globalization convergences in the Latin American and local scene.