Hemoglobin, 2017 © David Ụzọchukwu
Hemoglobin, 2017 © David Ụzọchukwu 
In Bloom

08/06/2024 - 27/10/2024

Fotografiska Tallinn 
Telliskivi 60a/8 
10412 Tallinn


Nature is enigmatic. Strong and noble, yet fragile and fleeting. Tamed or wild, groomed or untouched, influenced and altered by humans. Bright and beautiful, yet simultaneously dark and ominous. It is a sacred refuge from which all has evolved. In the exhibition "In Bloom", the awe-inspiring meets the delicate, the beautiful encounters the dangerous, and the familiar confronts the unknown.
A blend of contemporary photography, video, sculpture, and installations highlights nature's placement in contemporary art. The beauty, richness, fragility, and diversity of nature are represented by 17 contemporary artists, all of whom are interested in understanding, discovering, and expressing themselves in this world. Together, they have created an inspiring and conceptual philosophical reflection on the cycle of life and death and the variability of time. Among the renowned international artists, acclaimed Estonian artist Heikki Leis is also represented.
The summer grand exhibition "In Bloom" also marks Fotografiska Tallinn's 5th anniversary.