Ilona Langbroek, Memories, 2023
Ilona Langbroek, Memories, 2023 
Ilona Langbroek - Terra Incognita

29/02/2024 - 01/06/2024

Bildhalle ZURICH 
Stauffacherquai 56 
8004 Zürich   

Bildhalle Zürich presentd the first solo exhibition of the Dutch photographer Ilona Langbroek. TERRA INCOGNITA is based on Langbroek's own family history, which is closely linked to her country's colonial past and the history of the Dutch East Indies. It is about the uprootedness and split identity of people who were forced to leave their homeland in a hurry - like Ilona Langbroek's Indonesian grandmother, who was no longer welcome in her own country after Indonesia's independence (1945) due to her marriage to a Dutch soldier.
In her work, the artist places herself in the lives of her grandparents, but also attempts to understand the collective trauma of an entire generation through intensive research and the study of historical images and literature, and to translate it into metaphorical and poetic images. In her staged portraits and still lifes, she works with objects and fabrics that - whether historical or of her own design - connect and visually manifest her grandmother's old and new homeland.