© Igor Mikhin
© Igor Mikhin 

Igor Mukhin : Generations from the USSR to the new Russia / 1985 - 2021

22/10/2021 - 09/01/2022

La Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau 
1, rue Division du Général Leclerc 
94250 Gentilly


December 2021 : 30th birthday of the dissolution of the USSR.
At the beginning there was chaos. The chaos of a young generation living on the edge of a society whose ruling system was disintegrating day by day. At the start of the 1980s, Igor Mukhin (born in 1961) was one such youth. He could also feel this wind of change blowing from the West like a breath of fresh air, like an all-encompassing trip that would inspire a whole generation of musicians and any number of authors and artists.