11/03/2023 - 23/04/2023

A Thousand Plateus 

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space will launch this new spring’s artist group exhibition "I-Define II — 7 Questions" on March 11. Eight young artists, Bu Xuan, Cao Gen, Hou Yijie, Huang Jie, Liu Kewang, Liu Shiqi, Liu Weiyi and Zhu Xin, were invited to participate in the exhibition, which will be curated by Xu Sheng.
"I-Define" means independent thinking and free creation, as well as natural and unrestrained growth, which may also be the basic method and value practiced by the young generation of artists. The participated artists may be strangers to each other. When they get together in the exhibition, they first use questions to get to know each other. Each artist raises the first question to the other seven artists, and began to understand and communicate with each other. Questions not only represent the beginning of understanding others, but also the vivid reflection of self in the group. Questions and answers are equally important, just as everyone in life often knows the world and themselves through questions. The process of asking questions to others is also the process of self-introduction and the beginning of the audience to know them.