© David Meshki.
© David Meshki. 

Hubert Scheibl and David Meskhi.

06/09/2019 - 16/11/2019

Fasanenstraße 26 


The gallery Kornfeld presents a duo exhibition featuring abstract oil paintings by Austrian artist Hubert Scheibl alongside photographs by Berlin-based Georgian artist David Meskhi for Berlin Art Week.
Within the works of both artists the viewer is entering into a representation of reality in which boundaries of time are blurred and the subjects of the works are roaming free within indefinable spaces. Temporal concepts of beginnings and ends are broken down as the layers of Scheibl's work give room to actions of the past and present within the fabric of the paint itself and the hand of the artist at play. Similarly images of gymnasts floating impossibly in Soviet gymnasiums within Meskhi's photographs could have been taken generations before, however the ephemerality of his subject matter disturbs the context of time all together.