Hans-Christian Schink, Am Breiten Luzin, 2012  © Robert Morat Galerie
Hans-Christian Schink, Am Breiten Luzin, 2012 © Robert Morat Galerie 

Hinterland - Hans-Christian Schink

23/03/2019 - 04/05/2019

Linienstraße 107 
10115 Berlin


Robert Morat Galerie presents the lastest work of one of the most important representatives of german contemporary photography, Hans-Christian Schink. These photographs, mostly landscape studies in the field of tension between nature and civilization, are exhibited internationally and can be found in important public and private collections. "Hinterland means the sparsely populated areas off the big cities, in this series especially the remote regions of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,” explains Hans-Christian Schink. “On the other hand, the title Hinterland also refers to the imaginary landscapes that emerge from my memory. Landscapes that I know from my childhood.” And he goes on: “So this series is not about portraying concrete places. My pictures are more the result of a search without a destination.”