© John Gossage, courtesy Casemore Kirkeby Gallery
© John Gossage, courtesy Casemore Kirkeby Gallery 

Hey Fuckface - John Gossage

30/11/2018 - 26/01/2019

Casemore Kirkeby 
1275 Minnesota Street, #102 
CA 94107 San Francisco


Casemore Kirkeby presenrs Hey Fuckface by John Gossage, a body of work conceived in 1984 and produced in 1989. Concerning the toxicity of several pre-Superfund sites located in Staten Island and Syracuse, New York, Gossage documented the locations by driving to several points of hazardous contamination and photographing the locations as found. The exact places were decided upon by consulting the 103c list of hazardous waste sites that the EPA issued. Over the years following his initial investigation, Gossage added hand-scrolled curses to accompany each individual silver gelatin print, and craft paper remnants creating a unique collage. A truncated selection of these works, collectively known as Hey Fuckface , was last exhibited in 1990. The selection currently on view at Casemore Kirkeby was edited by Gossage and represents his personal favorites within the body of work