Handmade - Vik Muniz

08/09/2018 - 20/10/2018

108 rue Vieille du temple 
75004 Paris


The Xippas Gallery is pleased to present Handmade, Vik Muniz’s new solo exhibition.
In this new series, Vik Muniz explores the nature of perception, playing on the dichotomy between the object and its representation, and reinventing the possibilities of the construction of the photographic image.
The “handmade” works, as the title of the exhibition suggests, are the result of a hybrid process combining manual, or artisanal treatment – namely painting or collage – and high-resolution digital photography. The results are complex compositions, each unique pieces, combining different techniques: paper and cardboard are painted, cut out and superimposed on a surface, before being photographed in order to allow for manipulation, rearranging and further photographing, and so on.