© GÁBOR ŐSZ, courtesy Vintage Galeria
© GÁBOR ŐSZ, courtesy Vintage Galeria 


16/01/2018 - 09/02/2018

Magyar utca 26 
H-1053 Budapest


Gábor Ősz’ latest works study Spomeniks, monuments commissioned by Tito to be built on the war sites of the partisan movement in former Yugoslavia. These objects, in contrast to other socialist examples, are not figural but abstract works, which implemented the new ideas of the era’s contemporary modern architecture and sculpture. The series entitled Spomen (remembrance) explores the relationship not only between the image and the geometric forms, but also between abstract forms and the concepts they represent (heroism, glory and power). Similarly to Gábor Ősz’s previous image theory-related experiments, he builds geometrically shaped camera obscura, which resemble the monuments.