Chip Hooper, Soberanes Point #93, 2015 © Courtesy Robert Mann Gallery
Chip Hooper, Soberanes Point #93, 2015 © Courtesy Robert Mann Gallery 

From the Edge - Chip Hooper

02/05/2019 - 29/06/2019

525 West 26th Street, Floor 2 
10001 New York, NY   

Robert Mann Gallery announces the upcoming exhibition, Chip Hooper : From the Edge, the artist's final body of work. In this series, Chip Hooper takes us on a visual journey as he contemplated his own existence in the world. Inspired by Mark Rothko's color filed painting, Hooper turned his camera to the horizon line to articulate his deep and spiritual relationship with large expanses of water. Through images of sublime color, Hooper found the ability to clearly understand the ocean's place and role in his life and work. "The ocean is purest expression of creation. In every moment it is ephemeral, constantly recreating itself. If we look deep enough into it, it has so many answers. For me, it breaths life into me, literally" - Chip Hooper (Irish Beach, CA, March 29, 2014).