Corinne Vionnet, Paris (2), 2007, série Photo Opportunities (2006-17), courtesy Galerie Binome
Corinne Vionnet, Paris (2), 2007, série Photo Opportunities (2006-17), courtesy Galerie Binome 
FRANCE AUGMENTÉE - Thibault Brunet, Fred Delangle, Marc Lathuilliere, Michel Le Belhomme, Robin Lopvet, Eric Tabuchi, Corinne Vionnet

27/10/2017 - 23/12/2017

19 rue Charlemagne 
75004 Paris   

Curators: Valérie Cazin & Émilie Traverse
On the path of « Paysages français, une aventure photographique (1984-2017) »,  the retrospective show of the Bibliothèque nationale de France - BnF. 

As light is shed on the mutations of the French territory since the end of the 20th century as well as the way artists documented it, “France augmentée” focuses of the transition marked by the rise of the digital era and the fourth industrial revolution that came along with it. Now familiar with digital supports and the standardization of tools to capture and analyze our environment (GPS built in cars and smartphones, augmented reality glasses, and other interactive imageries developed by video game, medical and military industries), we are witnessing the renewing of landscape imagination, while taking a daily part in its realization.
Beyond reality, our very perception of the world ends up augmented in that way. With the perspicacity to consider these new data versus the representational codes of the “old” world, the artists of “France augmentée” build the images of a hybridized and mixed territory.