Formes, Symboles, Emblèmes

10/09/2023 - 15/10/2023

65 rue Pascal 
75013 Paris Paris

Each graphic representation has a connotation about the things around us. Until their transformation into emblems, colors, shapes and symbols have a meaning in time, which distinguish and characterize them. Consciously or not, all forms can be symbols that influence the individual, the group or the society locally, regionally or globally. Symbolism connects us to the reality of a culture through a play of forms and colors in a mental process, which distinguishes a set of particular ideas metaphorically.

Always under the influence of the past (millennial Inca culture, the ravages of post-colonialism and an oppressive religion) and confronted with a complex and delicate present (the pandemic, politics and a legitimate concern for ecology), there is a Peruvian symbolism that takes the form of geometric research, with artists Daniel Barclay, Marco Herrera and Yerko Zlatar; and poetic, through the textual and iconic proposal of Fedra Gutiérrez and María Laso.