Evolving Visions

09/09/2023 - 28/10/2023

Jenkins Johnson Gallery 
464 Sutter Street 
94108 San Francisco

Jenkins Johnson Gallery is pleased to present Evolving Visions, an exhibition featuring artists Ben Aronson, Scott Fraser, and Julian Opie. Evolving Visions unites the talents of three visionary artists, each wielding a distinctive style that offers a captivating window into their unique perspectives on the world.
While their individual perspectives are unmistakable, these artists share a common theme: the ability to challenge conventions and stimulate contemplation about the ever-changing landscape of artistic expression. Fraser enchants with a mesmerizing blend of humor and breathtaking realism, Opie delves into the evolution of visual language in our contemporary society, and Aronson skillfully captures the emotional resonance of urban environments.