23/09/2023 - 14/10/2023

Lijnbaansgracht 318 
1017 WZ Amsterdam

FLAT // LAND is proud to give the gallery its new shape and adapt to its new environment. It will direct its attention to this planet's species and their habitats. To present 'artworks from an ethological perspective' FLAT // LAND hopes to contribute to more consideration of our impact on the planet as natural habitats are being destroyed as a result of human 'action' (pollution of soil, sound, air and water). Our new logo / spelling of FLAT // LAND is a reference to the earth of this planet as the platform for the survival mechanisms of species. The blue letters are the colour of the ocean and seas, the largest single habitat on earth.
The past few years Fi van Schendel has committed herself to studies on behavioural ecology and ethology (animal behaviour) at the University of Wageningen and later in 2023 at the University of Oxford. F's interest for this planet's species and their habitats has resulted in her wish to bridge the knowledge of science to the world of art.
How organisms interact with their environment stems from her curiosity in the survival mechanisms of all animal species. Interested in understanding the functions, causes, development, and evolution of animal behaviour, is key to their survival.
To reach out and present its new program the gallery is proud to present is first private viewing in Amsterdam Zuid. The presentation can be viewed by invitation only. The reason for the limitation of invitees has to do with the desire of Fi to be able to speak to everyone present.
The presentation Evolving cryptic colouration will include works of many artists, among them for the first time wild life photographer Vincent Munier. His work shall also be presented by FLAT // LAND at this years edition of Paris Photo. Other artists include Kim Boske, Erik Andriesse, Katharine Cooper, Anoek Steketee, Stelios Karamanolis, Martin Usborne, Jocelyn Lee and Tessa Mars