Katinka Boch, "Géographie AA", 2022, gelatin silver print 32 x 45 cm
Katinka Boch, "Géographie AA", 2022, gelatin silver print 32 x 45 cm 

Der Sonnenstich

14/02/2023 - 29/04/2023

Fondation Pernod Ricard 
12 rue Boissy d'Anglas 
75008 Paris


Firmly rooted in the field of sculpture, Katinka Bock’s art has remained permeable to the production of imagery – filmic, and above all, photographic. Photography constitutes what she calls the “periphery” of her work: a practice that she develops at its margins; but that also functions, between her and the world, as a threshold, as a site of porosity and experimentation.
Der Sonnenstich is the first exhibition by Katinka Bock to focus on her photographic work. Produced on this occasion, the sixty-five or so prints that comprise it – mainly black-and-white images, but also several images in colour – collate photographs taken between 2015 and the present day, most of which had never previously been exhibited.
Created within a familial, urban, or natural context, often within close proximity to the subjects on which they focus, the images in the exhibition attest to the “sculptural” view that Katinka Bock brings to bear on objects, spaces, bodies, and living organisms. It is often the observation of the singularity of a form or relationship that inspires her images. As with her sculptures, she works quickly and spontaneously, careful to capture something of the vitality of the world and to liberate the image from too much control or too strong an intention. The “delay” that the use of the traditional non-digital procedure involves contributes, paradoxically, to preserving this dynamic.