Deanna Tub II, 2015 © Deanna Pizzitelli / Courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery
Deanna Tub II, 2015 © Deanna Pizzitelli / Courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery 


25/11/2017 - 13/01/2018

Stephen Bulger 
1356 Dundas St West 
M6J 1H6 Toronto   

Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present “Koža”, our first solo exhibition of work by emerging Canadian artist Deanna Pizzitelli.

Pizzitelli is a Canadian photo-based artist and writer. Using a variety of analogue technologies, she is interested in the contemporary expression of historical processes. Pizzitelli explores the emotional landscape as it refers to desire, eroticism, longing, and loss. Her intimately scaled photographs consider a wide range of disparate subject matter, woven together in a visual narrative, and appearing like the remains of an important photographic archive depicting a long-lost time and place.

Pizzitelli’s recent series “Koža”, the Slovak word for skin, was photographed during her travels over the last three years. Pizzitelli spent a year living in Slovakia, then visited various places within Europe, across Canada, and then parts of Latin America. By exploring the varying landscapes and the people within them, she documented the unfolding narrative of her own experiences. Each image represents a glimpse into a fragmented history, disjointed and retold into a new story of companionship and isolation, a search for meaning and connection amidst a backdrop of stark and lonely scenes.

“People lost in thought, landscapes stuck in time. There is a house at the bottom of a hill, a family of horses, a nesting bird. A young man sleeps in a bathtub. A woman’s face is brushed by the wind. These are iterations of the same thing: anxious desire, unvoiced regret, the gradual fading of your life.” – Deanna Pizzitelli