Dans l’Intérieur des Silences DORIAN COHEN

27/04/2023 - 10/06/2023

62, rue de Turbigo 
75003 Paris


By means of a realistic figurative painting of classical tradition, Dorian Cohen focuses on the creation of urban imagery among landscapes, mirages and naturalistic genre scenes. Organized in a series of images, his work builds a genealogy of urban narratives by studying the pictorial and narrative mechanics at work between each of these series.

For his second solo exhibition at the gallery “Dans l’Intérieur des silences”, the artist presents a new suite of paintings, part of his Cycle des Histoires Naturelles.

“The light radiates, soft, delicately infused, gradually bringing the shades of colors to their maturity. From the space of the canvas thus enshrouded emanates an overpowering tenderness. Water-green, light blue or woody yellow. In the interior scenes, the brightness comes from a glass window, a high-placed glass roof or from an artificial neon light, making the earthenware of a kitchen or the waxed wood of a table sparkle. In the exterior ones, it is the trees that open the field to the sun, as per their wish.