Patty Carroll, Staired Down, 2020.
Patty Carroll, Staired Down, 2020. 
Patty Carroll, Panther, 2020.
Patty Carroll, Flagged Down, 2020.

Collapse and Calamity

07/11/2020 - 05/12/2020

Catherine Couturier 
2635 Colquitt St. 
TX 77098 Houston   

Catherine Couturier Gallery presents Collapse and Calamity, an exhibition of new work by gallery artist Patty Carroll. The exhibition features new work from Patty Carroll’s series “Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise”. Works including Staired Down, Cleaned Out, and Flagged Down feel particularly relevant to the tumultuous and exhausting past year. “Anonymous Women” is a 3-part series of studio installations made for the camera, addressing women and their complicated relationships with domesticity. By camouflaging the figure in drapery and/or domestic objects, Carroll creates a dark and humorous game of hide-and-seek between her viewers and the Anonymous Woman.