© Clémentine Schneidermann
© Clémentine Schneidermann 
Clémetine Schneidermann - "I Called her Lisa Marie"

27/06/2023 - 24/09/2023

Quai de la Photo 
Centre d'Art photographique 
9 port de la Gare 
75013 Paris


Based in Wales since 2012, Clémentine Schneidermann has been developing long-term photographic projects there, focusing on new forms of social documentary photography. With this photographic series, she takes an interest in forgotten communities and territories by magnifying the ordinary, that of a community of Elvis Presley fans.
Between 2013 and 2018, Clémentine Schneidermann travelled for five consecutive years to the biggest (self-proclaimed) festival dedicated to the legendary American singer, in the small seaside town of Porthcawl in South Wales. She also travels twice to Memphis in the USA, mixing photographs of Graceland and Elvis Presley Boulevard with British landscapes and characters.
Clémentine Schneidermann's encounters with characters inhabited by the figure of Elvis inspire this empathetic series. The American dream meets a United Kingdom in the throes of Brexit, and the two continents mingle. Nothing in the images specifies which side of the Atlantic you're on. The miracle of these photos, halfway between fiction and document, is that they shed light on an uncharted planet in the solar system, the planet Elvis.