Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1981
Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1981 
Christopher Makos: FRINGE

29/09/2022 - 19/11/2022

Fahey / Klein Gallery 
148 North La Brea 
CA 90036 
 Los Angeles   

The Fahey/Klein Gallery presents “Christopher Makos: FRINGE”. This retrospective of Makos’ stunning career will feature an array of works including unique photographic collages and assemblages of legendary cultural icons.

The photographs exhibited in FRINGE are an unembellished visual diary representing a co-mingling of New York’s uptown and downtown worlds, celebrity culture, and the east coast art scene spanning over decades. Makos had unprecedented access to an array of individuals who would shape culture with their own distinct mark through his close working and personal relationship with Andy Warhol. His images capture fragments of iconic Pop culture moments with a nuanced approach. Makos’ unconventional compositions and edgy subject matter is not analytical but improvisational - never sentimental – with a youthful and fresh perspective.