Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns, Where Are You #15, 2016
Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns, Where Are You #15, 2016 
Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns - Where Are You

24/05/2024 - 20/07/2024

Bildhalle Amsterdam 
Willemsparkweg 134 
1071 HR Amsterdam   

Bildhalle Gallery presents 'Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns - Where Are You' in Amsterdam, featuring the melancholic yet evocative photography of Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns. Educated at The Ballet Academy in Tilburg, Ariëns transitioned to photography at age 30, focusing on personal work that often collaborates with couture designers. Utilizing photopolymer etching, her process mirrors painting, capturing the delicate balance between inner strength and outer fragility, encapsulating both fleeting and eternal moments of the human experience.