Grozny - Avril 2001 - © Stanley Greene / Noor Images
Grozny - Avril 2001 - © Stanley Greene / Noor Images 

Ce monde qui nous regarde : 15 ans de l'Agence NOOR

13/04/2022 - 15/06/2022

Bibliothèque nationale de France 
Quai François Mauriac 
75013 Paris   

Created in 2007, the NOOR photographic agency, whose name means "light" in Arabic, brings together 14 award-winning photographers of 11 different nationalities.
The prints on display cover subjects as varied as the Arab Springs, the conflicts in Iraq and Chechnya, diamond mines, American society and childhood. Most of them illustrate the portrait genre, embodying the motto of one of the agency's founders, Stanley Greene, "some things simply need to be seen".