27/09/2023 - 20/11/2023

Paraná 1133 
 Buenos Aires   

Images are bodies that touch each other. The fact that they affect each other mutually when they touch and are transformed in the reciprocal game of their proximity is evidence of their senses. Images do not remain the same and the reason for this instability is that they exist in relation to others. They are relational bodies.
These statements are at the basis of the systems that Carola Zech has been producing for years. Her work seems to say that in the domain of sensitive, everything is provisional. Everything is subject to the effects of attraction and rejection produced by the contiguity of things. From this perspective, to invent is to produce areas of contact and this conception of the creative task gives rise to its own gallery of poetic figures: the imminence of displacement, the precarious balance, the power of movement that inhabits the intervals.