12/05/2023 - 29/07/2023

Clementine de la Feronnière 
51, rue saint-Louis-en-l’île 
75004 Paris

Broder l'invisible is Carolle Bénitah's inaugural exhibition at the gallery. Through a vast selection of works, the gallery presents a landscape steeped in intimacy, a key notion of Bénitah's practice. Since the 2000s, her work has built around the photographic medium, sourcing material from her personal archive, questioning her individual and family history in a perpetual quest for identity. Highly cathartic, it echoes a deep introspection, interrogating notions of loss, grief and memory.
The artist's relationship to photography, both material and temporal, is expressed in direct interventions onto the medium's surface. By embroidering, drawing, and at times juxtaposing layers of gold leaf over it, Bénitah instils a sculptural and haptic sense into these works. As a transdisciplinary artist, Carolle Bénitah moves beyond the traditional boundaries of photography.
Photographs trace our existence as much as our relationship to the other. For Bénitah, time spent elaborating her works allows her to realize what is said or silenced in these images — a means of reappropriating her past to better grasp her present self.