Boomoon, Waterfall 7529, 2017
Boomoon, Waterfall 7529, 2017 

Boomoon: Falling Water

08/03/2018 - 21/04/2018

Flowers NY 
529 West 20th Street 
NY 10011 New York   

Flowers Gallery announces a solo exhibition of new photographic works by South Korean photographer Boomoon, on view for the first time in New York. In the exhibition Falling Water, the powerful elemental force of a vast Icelandic waterfall is presented as the subject for Boomoon’s ongoing investigation into the infinite and everchanging character of the natural world.

The exhibition features images from Skogar, a selection of black and white photographs from a series of 300 exposures taken at Skógafoss, Iceland. Photographed from the same frontal viewpoint, Boomoon’s images capture his bodily encounter with the waterfall, intensified by entering the freezing water of the pool below the falls, to attain a position where the ‘horizon’, (in this case, the point at which the vertical energy of the water meets the horizontal axis of the pool) is situated precisely at the lower third of the frame. Alongside images from Skogar is a second series of photographs, developed from the same body of water, this time featuring an intense monochromatic blue. Boomoon attributes the crystalline clarity of his reductive monochromes to the stark purity of northerly light, saying: “The direction that interests me most in my work is North: it seems to offer landscapes that are the least contaminated by words and meaning.” Cropped closely to exclude the horizontal plane, they focus on the all-over abstract patterns formed by the arrested motion of the cascading water, capturing a kinetic energy reminiscent of twentieth century American Abstract Expressionist painting. Beyond the shape-shifting bodies of water and veils of spray, the images plunge into seemingly immeasurable depths, while droplets at the surface evoke a glittering cosmos.