CHRISTTO&ANDREW, Here I'm baby, 2020 ©christto&andrew, courtesy metronom
CHRISTTO&ANDREW, Here I'm baby, 2020 ©christto&andrew, courtesy metronom 

Body and Soul

31/10/2020 - 05/12/2020

10 Via Carteria 
41121 Modena   

Metronom presents the online exclusive show Body and Soul, a collective exhibition with works by artists Christto&Andrew, Kenta Cobayashi, Elena Aya Bundurakis.
Body and Soul suggests new ways to approach traditional features in contemporary photography, through the practice and research of these three young international artists.
Christto&Andrew, Cobayashi and Bundurakis belong to the same artistic generation and are deeply involved in the discussion around the role and potentiality of digital photography, even though their methodology produces different outcomes. For each of them, Body and Soul exhibits two works belonging to different series in order to show and underline possible paths that digital photography can undertake to reflect upon its own narratives and structures.