Forsythia (blooming), 2020, Dye sublimation print on aluminum
Forsythia (blooming), 2020, Dye sublimation print on aluminum 

Blue Violet - Cig Harvey

06/05/2021 - 26/06/2021

Robert Mann Gallery 
525 West 26th Street 
10001 New York   

Robert Mann Gallery ipresents Cig Harvey: Blue Violet, the artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Harvey’s work is rich with the emotion and awe she is able to elicit through her depictions of the natural world and the magic within it. Her photographs, abundant with color, implied texture, and even scent, explore the five senses, bringing the viewer to the brink of saturation. This collection of photographs is both emotional and celebratory, filled with intense color, light and shadows.