Bernhard Fuchs, "Almut“, from the series "Lot“ - Courtesy Robert Morat Gallery
Bernhard Fuchs, "Almut“, from the series "Lot“ - Courtesy Robert Morat Gallery 

Bernhard Fuchs | FATHOM

13/01/2018 - 10/03/2018

Linienstraße 107 
10115 Berlin   

„Fathom“ is a photographic series by Austrian artist Bernhard Fuchs (born 1971) and comprises 39 portraits. This is his second series of portraits, produced over several years - like all of his previous series. In the photographs we see people, captured in the given light of interior spaces and entering into dialogue with the photographer. According to art historian Gottfried Boehm, “the series is not about outlining the collective image of certain people or living conditions in the present. Instead we see a sounding out in motion, a fathoming that poses a wordless question with the means of the camera and iconic intelligence.” 
Bernhard Fuchs lives and works in Düsseldorf. His work is found in important collections, both public and private, and is exhibited internationally. The book to the series was published by Koenig Books, London.