© Bebe Blanco Agterberg, 2020
© Bebe Blanco Agterberg, 2020 

Bebe Blanco Agterberg - Theatre of Broken Memories

09/12/2022 - 05/03/2023

Foam Fotografiemuseum 
Keizersgracht 609 
1017 DS Amsterdam


Anyone looking at Agterberg's work can sense a dark history, but what exactly lies at its core is not immediately clear. This is what makes her images fascinating: she not only investigates the malleability of memories but also how people, willingly or unintentionally, try to fill the voids within. Politics, media and citizens play the leading role in her work: they are inextricably linked, but they also find themselves in a continuous power struggle
Like an optical illusion, a memory can also be manipulated or distorted: by your own brain, but in some cases also by external factors.