© Andres Serrano, Black Dolls Sandy, Vintage Rag Doll
© Andres Serrano, Black Dolls Sandy, Vintage Rag Doll 

Andres Serrano - Infamous

20/01/2023 - 14/05/2023

Fotografiska Tallinn 
Telliskivi 60a/8 
10412 Tallinn


Through his work, Andres Serrano confronts the racist history of the United States. In 2019, the artist discovered that the objects that normalise blackface culture live a life of their own on eBay. He began buying and photographing these objects to remind people of how racism has been and continues to be in various forms.
These anti-Black depictions were routinely manifested in or on material objects: ashtrays, drinking glasses, banks, games, fishing lures, detergent boxes, and other everyday items. These objects, with racist representations, both reflected and shaped attitudes towards Black Americans.