Anastasia Samoylova’s Photography Solo Exhibition in Asia

01/07/2023 - 23/09/2023

UP Gallery 
No.47-1, Ln. 53, Dongnan St., East Dist 
 Hsinchu City 300


“ I am excited to present my work for the first time in Asia at UP Gallery and deeply curious to hear the audience’s response to my images that address the climatic issues that are well known in Taiwan. From one subtropical locale to another, I wonder how my observations from Florida would relate to the visitors of the exhibition that are intimately familiar with what it feels like to live in an environmentally threatened place. For me, it is a bittersweet feeling. I am thankful for the introduction to the gallery by the writer David Campany who edited both of my books and projects presented in the exhibition: FloodZone and Floridas.” — Anastasia Samoylova

UP Gallery is delighted to announce the first solo photography exhibition in Asia by Anastasia Samoylova. Against the backdrop of the scorching July heat and the peak season of typhoons in Taiwan, the devastation caused by natural disasters has seeped into our daily lives and become a norm. Not unfamiliar with the aftermaths that it causes for the country’s infrastructure, and people’s livelihoods disrupted, we have also learned the source of these hardships comes full circle to how we treat the land that we inhabit. The gallery hopes our audiences can resonate and reflect on Samoylova’s works as the artist delves into a familiar subject matter and perhaps even so slightly mimicking our own experiences.