Abdulhamid Kircher, Untitled, 2021
Abdulhamid Kircher, Untitled, 2021 
Abdulhamid Kircher - Rotting from Within

29/06/2024 - 31/08/2024

carlier | gebauer 
Markgrafenstrasse 67 
10969 Berlin


Rotting from Within is Abdulhamid Kircher’s first presentation of the eponymously titled body of work and his first exhibition at carlier | gebauer. The title captures a feeling which the the artist describes as “the unearthing of my father and the generational trauma that exists within the patriarchs of my family; subsequently the task of uncovering my own self amidst the things passed down”. The deeply personal aspect of Kircher’s practice is mirrored in his site-specific approach to the blank exhibition space of the white cube. These installations include photographs taken by the artist, as well as archival images and biographical artifacts. Rotting fro, Within is also a monograph that was published by Loose Joints in parallel with the exhibition.