#60 void - casper faassen

16/09/2023 - 19/11/2023

tolstraat 67 
2000 Antwerp


view worksIBASHO is proud to present the second solo-exhibition at the gallery of the Dutch artist Casper Faassen. In this exhibition the focus lies on void. The void is being researched in form as well as  in content. As we know from Faassen, the works are made up of transparent photographic layers in which the unprinted, emptiness or negative space is emphasised and gains in importance. The void occupies an important place in Japanese philosophy. Thus the silence between two moments, or interspace, is captured in the concept of ‘Ma'. In Japanese Buddhism, void is also named as the fifth element in addition to earth, water, fire and wind.
In the works with the Japanese dancer Madoka Kariya, we see how disappearing and appearing, the moment between these moments, is being caught. Visualised is not only Madoka’s distance from her surroundings, but also how time and space are connected. 
In the second series, the theme of the void is elaborated on the basis of nature. Here we recognise scenes from well-known works of Japanese art history such as Hasegawa Tohaku's pine trees and paintings by Sesson Sukei, which served as inspiration.