Eugène Atget, Vues du parc de Sceaux, 1925
Anna Atkins, Photographs of British Algae, cyanotype impressions: Polysiphonia fastigata vers 1845
Yann Monel La Fable du jardin (détail) installation images - voix
Ensemble de photographies, tirage noir vers 1928


Mar 15, 2017 — Jul 24, 2017

Grand Palais

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Jardin is a modest attempt to echo the words of Foucault, often quoted but no less important for that "The garden is the smallest part of the world and the whole world as the same time."

Jardins, whose title is intended as a sober reflection on the sheer diversity of the subject, considers both the history of garden art and the history of exhibitions on the theme, which has rarely been of interest to cultural institutions. If their presence in the museum seems rooted in contradiction, the link between museum and garden are actually quite close. As places of learning and pleasure that are born, grow and die, they are also spaces that visitors can roam around, at their own pace.

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