Das Brautpaar Dreßler hat das Paket "Traditionshochzeit 750 Jahre Berlin" gebucht, 1987 © Harf Zimmermann, Courtesy of C/O Berlin.

Harf Zimmermann - Hufelandstraße . 1055 Berlin

Apr 29, 2017 — Jul 07, 2017

C/O Berlin

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Just one kilometer in length, with 49 beautiful and historic houses from the Gründerzeit period and a single modern one from after Reunification, a playground, old cobble-stone streets, superb linden trees and broad sidewalks—Hufelandstraße, planned and built by a brewer, stretches from Greifswalder Straße to Volkspark Friedrichshain through the so-called Bötzowviertel, the neighborhood named after the same brewer. Even then, it was no typical street for Prenzlauer Berg and that’s not only because the photographer Harf Zimmermann made it the subject of his own kind of photo project in the mid-1980s. Over the course of a year, we went from house to house, resident to resident, and store to store to capture the special characteristics of the quarter nestled in postal code NO 55, later changed to 1055. In the middle of the East German capital, he discovered an enclave of bourgeois middle class: spacious pre-war apartments, generously adorned foyers, double doors and parquet as well as small shops and workshops. Zimmermann’s reserved, but in no way passive, documentation of architecture and people is a unique witness to socialism on the eve of its collapse.