Rue du Four Paris, 1953 © Ed van der Elsken
Vali Myers (Ann) danse à La Scala Paris, 1950 © Ed van der Elsken
Vali Myers (Ann) devant son miroir Paris, 1953 © Ed van der Elsken
Brigitte Bardot Paris, 1952 © Ed van der Elsken

Ed Van der Elsken - Camera in love

Jun 13, 2017 — Sep 24, 2017

Jeu de Paume

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Ed Van der Elsken (1925-1990) is a unique figure in Dutch 20th century documentary cinema and photography. As a photographer, his preferred subject was the street, and in cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong or Tokyo, he enjoyed "hunting" for subjects. Often qualified as a "photographer of marginal figures", he sought in reality an aesthetic form, a visual authenticity, devoid of artifice, a beauty that was sometimes openly sensual, at times even erotic. Ed Van der Elsken was fascinated by these proud figures, full of life and vitality.

More info : www.jeudepaume.org