Wendy Ewald,
Wendy Ewald, "Self-portrait reaching for the Red Star sky" - Denise Dixon, Kentuck, 1979 - 10 x 8 inches © copyright Steven Kasher Gallery 

Wendy Ewald - Works, Projects, Collaborations 1975 - 1996

19/04/2018 - 02/06/2018

515 West 26th Street 
Floor 2 
10001 New York


Steven Kasher Gallery presents an exhibition of artist Wendy Ewald’s collaborative photographic projects.
The exhibition features over 70 black and white vintage prints from seven of Ewald’s earliest projects. It begins with her first extended collaboration in Kentucky in 1975 and includes projects from Mexico (1991), India (1989-1991), the Netherlands (1996), Columbia (1982-1985), South Africa (1992) and Morocco (1995).
For over 40 years, Ewald has traveled the globe as part of a sustained and evolving artistic and educational project. In each new location, Ewald begins by addressing the conceptual, formal, and narrative aspects of photography with her students, as well as making portraits of them. She teaches them to use the camera, many for the first time. Leaving the subject matter open, the children are free to explore societal issues that are relevant to their communities, including race, class, and gender. The results are poetic and vibrant portraits that reveal intimate connections between her students and their worlds.