Jaromír Funke Abstract Photo-Composition IV 1927-1929
Jaromír Funke Abstract Photo-Composition IV 1927-1929 

Jaromir Funke : a pioneer photographer

19/10/2017 - 30/11/2017

Centre culturel tchèque 
18 rue Bonaparte 
75005 Paris


A pioneer of avant-garde photography, Czech Jaromír Funke (1896-1945), influenced by his compatriot František Drtikol, produced a fusion of functionalism, new objectivity, abstraction and surrealism in his work. In the 1920s, he ditched views of picturesque landscapes and genre paintings and adopted a more radical approach: abandoning the object, which had no importance for him, he preferred to focus on the interplay of shadows and light or the effects of transparency in quasi-abstract compositions fluctuating between portraiture, landscape and documentary. This exhibition, organised by the curator Vladimír Birgus in collaboration with Miloslava Rupešová, Funke's daughter, reunites the originals of his best known prints and a selection of photographs never shown before.